A leader has multidimensional qualities that make him attractive and effective in his behavior. A good leader requires the following:
1. Appearance. The leader must have a pleasant appearance. Physique and health are very important to a good leader.
2. Vision and foresight. A leader cannot maintain influence if he does not show that he is looking to the future. You must visualize situations and therefore you must create logic programs.
3. Intelligence. A leader must be smart enough to learn about difficult problems and situations. You have to be an analyst, weigh the pros and cons, and then summarize the situation. Therefore, a positive mindset and a mature perspective are very important.
4. Communication skills. A leader must be able to communicate policies and procedures clearly, accurately, and effectively. This can be useful for persuasion and stimulation.
5. Purpose: the leader must have a vision of the world that is fair, free of prejudices and that does not reflect his disposition for a particular person. You must develop your own opinion and must base your judgments on facts and logic.
6. Knowledge of work. The leader must know very precisely the nature of the work of his subordinates, because it is then that he can earn the trust and confidence of his subordinates.
7. Sense of responsibility. Responsibility and accountability towards a person’s work is very important to generate a sense of influence. The leader must have a sense of responsibility in relation to the objectives of the organization, because only in this case will he be able to make the most of the opportunities used in a real sense. To do this, you must motivate yourself, get excited and induce yourself to give all your skills. Only then can you better motivate subordinates.