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About this course

In this course, you will learn how to build your team, improve teamwork and collaboration, and maintain team productivity through continuous learning and improvement. Specifically, you will learn best practices for team building and the alignment of individual and team goals. You will also learn how to establish roles, build structures, and manage the decision-making process for your team to be successful. This course will also help you manage critical team processes, such as conflict resolution and trust building, that have a huge impact on your team’s productivity. You will discuss some of the best ways to harness the productive potential of teams while reducing the risks and difficulties of teamwork.

In today’s organization, most of the work is done in a team, but the results of teamwork are extremely ambiguous. Many teams are poorly designed and structured, plagued with dysfunctional conflict, poor coordination, and serious motivation problems. As a result, many teams fail to reach their potential and often fall behind even those working on similar tasks. By completing this course, you will acquire a set of tools and practices that will enable you to effectively configure, launch, evaluate, and continuously improve your equipment. This understanding will make you not only a more effective leader, but also an outstanding participant in team setup.

ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, University of Michigan

Boris Kisov


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