Project manager

The project manager is a professional in the field of project management. Project managers are responsible for planning, acquiring and executing a project in any company that has a certain volume, a certain beginning and a certain ending; regardless of the industry.

They are organized, passionate and focused, they understand what projects have in common and their strategic role in how organizations succeed, learn and change.

Project managers are agents of change – they set project goals in their own right and use their skills and experience to give the project team a sense of common purpose. They enjoy the organized adrenaline rush of new challenges and the responsibility of delivering business results.

They perform well in stressful situations and can easily cope with change and complexity in a dynamic environment. They can easily switch between the big picture and the small but important details, knowing when to focus on each.

Project managers develop the interpersonal skills necessary to develop trust and communication among all project stakeholders: sponsors, those who will use the project’s results, those who have the necessary resources, and members of the project team.

They have a broad and flexible set of methods, separating complex and interdependent activities into tasks and subtasks that are documented, tracked, and controlled. They adapt their approach to the context and constraints of each project, knowing that no “one size fits all” can accommodate a variety of projects. And they always improve their own skills and those of their teams through the analysis of lessons learned at the end of the project.

Project Management

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Project Management Principles

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