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About this course

This course is the final course in the leadership specialization called Inspirational Leadership: Leadership with Feeling, so you may want to take the Leadership Development and Reflecting Your Leadership courses before taking this course. …

In this course, you will have the opportunity to apply the skills learned in the first two courses, Inspiring Leadership: Leadership with Sensitivity, individually in a group. A group can be not only an organization, such as a company or a team within a company but also a private group, such as your family or an association.

Specifically, you will apply the 4 stages of The Savoir-Relier protocol to your group:
1.define the identity of the group by working on the group’s self-awareness,
2. create quality relationships within the group,
3. work on the stability of the group so that later it is able to overcome the difficult situation and
4. Ensure the growth of the organization by creating meaning and meaning.

So if you want your group to grow as a successful leader in its fields, if you want to find your identity as a group and create shared values ​​for it, or if you want your group to become more resilient in the face of change and crisis, this is the one! the course is made for you! Finally, after completing the course, you will learn to understand your group in order to work more effectively.

Using real life examples, you will see how authentic, generous and fruitful characteristics are applied to the development of successful organizations. For example, you will apply a relationship framework for effective recruitment or self-portrait and conversation exercises to build team cohesion and resilience in dealing with interpersonal conflicts and crises. You will be able to build trusting relationships despite differences of opinion, and you will grow in respect for your environment, where the mind will be the engine for you and your environment.

Leaders from different organizations will share with you their thoughts on how they applied the Savoir-Relier approach to their company and how it made the company more sustainable and competitive.

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