Negotiation skills: Negotiate and resolve conflict

Negotiation skills: Negotiate and resolve conflictCertificate

MACQUARIE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT – Negotiation skills: Negotiate and resolve conflict  

About this course

Organizations today are characterized by increasing levels of uncertainty, complexity, and diversity. In our current globalized work environment, how can you manage the power and politics that continually influence decision-making in an organization? Political knowledge and the ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts are critical skills for managers at all levels. This course will develop your negotiation and conflict resolution skills, which are critical to making a positive impact on your organization. Through structured learning activities (video lectures, questionnaires, discussion guides, and written evaluations), he conceptualizes and evaluates power and politics; analyze and develop strategies to influence stakeholders, and learn to act with integrity and purpose by playing politics.


  • Critically evaluate conflict theories and apply frameworks and intervention processes to mitigate/reduce the negative effects of conflict at work.

  • Develop and analyse strategies and tactics to undertake both one on one, multiparty and also team based negotiation processes

    Evaluate negotiation and conflict resolution processes against criteria informed by negotiation theory and concepts of forces in the negotiation.


Macquarie University

Boris Kisov


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