Risk governance: Engage the board

Risk governance: Engage the board  – Certificate

MACQUARIE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT – Risk governance: Engage the board

About this course

All organizations must address the fundamental issues underlying governance: who are our stakeholders? What are your goals? How can we ensure that these goals are met in the most effective way possible? How can we ensure that all legitimate stakeholders are treated fairly? Through structured training activities (video lectures, quizzes, discussion guides, and written assessments), this course teaches you how to answer these questions and how a strong governance structure and a comprehensive risk management framework can help you and your organization to achieve its objectives. You will consider current ethical issues and develop practical responses to them, eventually finding that your future “influence” challenge will be to get everyone in your organization to understand their role in serving your organization’s stakeholders.


  • Analyse governance structures for ensuring that an organisation meets its objectives.

  • Apply a risk management framework, having regard to the business context, including the identification of appropriate risk management solutions.

  • Identify and respond effectively to ethical issues.

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