Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker

Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker Certificate

MACQUARIE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT – Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker  

About this course

Faced with a complex and ambiguous work environment, how do you see the future as a potential leader? How can you implement your vision in a way that conveys meaning and encourages positive change in your organization? In this course, you will learn how leaders can create and communicate a compelling vision, and how they create meaning and make work more meaningful. You’ll see what role the brain and body play in processing meaning, and how this can inspire your employees to follow you and your vision. This course will also teach you how to develop a meaningful brand identity and the role it can play in clarifying and reinforcing your leadership vision in your organization, your partners, and your customers. You will find that meaning permeates almost every aspect of governance. Finally, you will better understand how social and cultural factors can affect what you can achieve and your limitations in finding meaning.


  • Evaluate approaches to influencing and creating meaning at work

  • Evaluate and apply approaches to meaning making that play a role in aligning employee buy-in of organisational narratives

  • Evaluate, create and apply strategies to leverage meaning making through branding

  • Situate discussions of meaning making within broader social contexts and concerns.

Macquarie University

Boris Kisov


Innovation, IT & Management

10+ years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for companies across a wide range of industries including
innovation, enterprise software, digital marketing, start-ups, advertising technology, e-commerce and government.