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About this course

This final project is designed so that you can put into practice the knowledge acquired during the specialization. In the final stone, you will create some of the key planning results discussed in these courses and work on your chosen project or use the proposed case study. You will begin the final project by writing part of the project letter. Based on this information, you will define your project and ultimately create a schedule, budget, and responses to the risks that you identify. The goal is for you to use what you have learned in previous courses and do your own research on how best to move forward with the Capstone project. Classmates check your work. In turn, you will review the work of other colleagues. Instructions on how to conduct peer reviews will be included in the course. Upon completion of this series, you will be able to (1) write a narrative letter, (2) create a hierarchical work structure, (3) organize project activities, (4) build a project timeline, (5) create a project budget , (6) create a responsibility matrix, (7) identify project risks, and (8) identify responses to those risks.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:
1. Write a narrative letter.
2. Create a hierarchical work structure
3. Sequence of project activities
4. Schedule the project.
5. Create a budget for the project.
6. Create a responsibility matrix.
7. Determine project risks and define responses to these risks.


  • Write a narrative charter statement

  • Sequence project activities

  • Build a project schedule

  • Create a project budget

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