Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting

Accounting: Principles of Financial AccountingCertificate

IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL – Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting

About this course

Financial accounting is often referred to as the language of business; It is the language that managers use to communicate the financial and economic information of a company to external parties such as shareholders and creditors. No one in business can afford financial illiteracy. Whether you are running your own business, working as a manager, or just starting out, you want to understand financial information and be able to interact with financial accountants, controllers, and managers. You want to talk business!

This course will provide you with the basics of accounting language. Once completed, you should be able to read and interpret the financial statements for business diagnostics and decision making. More importantly, you will have the conceptual foundation to continue learning more advanced accounting and finance on your own. Don’t forget that, as with any language, learning accounting requires constant practice.


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