Specialization: Good with Words: Writing and Editing

Specialization “Good with Words: Writing and Editing” Certificate

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – Specialization: Good with Words: Writing and Editing

Writing. Editing. Persuasion. Learn the mechanics and strategy of effective communication.

Course Certificates Completed

  • Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order
  • Writing and Editing: Structure and Organization
  • Writing and Editing: Drafting
  • Writing and Editing: Revising


  • Creative ways to use syntax

  • Techniques for adding nuance to your sentences and slogans

  • Tips to help you punctuate and paragraph like a professional

  • Habits needed to complete both short-term and long-term projects


About this specialization

Perhaps the most important thing that students and professionals of all trades can do to improve their effectiveness is to follow this advice: Learn to speak well.

This series of courses focuses on the writing of this recommendation. The skills he focuses on include everything from how to organize a complex set of information in an easy-to-read way, how to give and receive quality feedback, and how to consistently meet deadlines.

University of Michigan

Boris Kisov


Innovation, IT & Management

10+ years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for companies across a wide range of industries including
innovation, enterprise software, digital marketing, start-ups, advertising technology, e-commerce and government.