Intermediate Relational Database and SQL

Intermediate Relational Database and SQL Certificate

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  • How to create, modify and remove tables and databases.

  • The design principles of tables and databases.

  • How SQL is applied in applications.

    Gain hands-on experience and learn how to create and maintain relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle and MS Access. Concepts covered include database and table creation, primary keys and foreign keys. If you have some experience with end-user level SQL and want to advance to a designer or database administrator role, this course is for you! Note: Taking my course “Introduction to Relational Database and SQL” before taking this course is highly recommended. Especially if you do not have any previous experience with relational database and SQL.

    1. User interface orientation

    2. Preview finshed products

    3. Creating and dropping databases

    4. Creating and dropping tables

    5. Creating and dropping primary keys

    6. Creating and dropping indexes

    7. Creating and dropping foreign keys

    8. Testing and creating technical documentation

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