Career planning: Your career, your life

Career planning: Your career, your life Certificate

MACQUARIE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT – Career planning: Your career, your life  

About this course

Are you satisfied with your career? Where do you see yourself in the future? No matter where you are on your career path, careful planning will help you achieve your goals. This course will help you adapt to rapidly changing job markets by developing your self-awareness and self-confidence to explore broader career opportunities. You will create a career development plan that will meet your career goals, develop skills and knowledge for your current and future job, and learn to make the most of your strengths, talents, and experience. You will receive valuable advice based on practical suggestions, theoretical models and current empirical evidence. Through structured learning activities, you will understand that career planning and management is an ongoing and rewarding process of assessing career identity, setting new learning goals and career visions, and recognizing achievements as you progress. .


  • Evaluate current career management issues and their implications on your professional career plans and development.

  • Create strategies and approaches to set new career vision, goals and action plans.

  • Apply knowledge of career models and tools for successful career planning and management.

  • Design a career path that fits personal values, interests, personality, and skills.

Macquarie University

Boris Kisov


Innovation, IT & Management

10+ years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for companies across a wide range of industries including
innovation, enterprise software, digital marketing, start-ups, advertising technology, e-commerce and government.