Sodrujestvo LLC

09/2008 – to date

Co-Founder of the company.

PROJECT MANAGER. Co-Founder of the company.

  • New Products Development: Launched and managed several start-ups. Most successful of them “B@Home” & “Smart TV – Smart Search”.
  • Leadership, management of a team of Web developers, Web designers, and SMM specialists. Collaborated with clients from Australia, USA, CIS, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.
  • Managed the full cycle of a customer-oriented approach to the implementation of Internet projects (cost control, scheduling, goal setting, resource planning, risk, quality control and time management).
  • Recruitment and training of new employees.
  • Methodologies used: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Lean, XP. Project Planning: Microsoft Project, JIRA


  • Platform “B@Home” and “Smart TV – Smart Search” based on OTT technology, acquired by MTS (largest mobile operator and CIS), then transformed into the self-sufficient platform “Interactive TV” by Rostelecom PJSC.
  • Seed accelerator MTS (Mobile TeleSystems) program for start-ups with the project “Smart TV – Smart Search”.
  • Won the Business Incubator start-ups competition. Plekhanov University of Economics, 2014.
  • Developed corporate and brand identity, and corporate printed products.
  • Attracted 37 key clients and executed 53 Internet projects in e-commerce, social communication, and business development. Performed subsequent support and organization of advertising companies and SEO optimization.
  • Proposed team and project management tools, CRM and HelpDesk for quality customer support.
  • Administered and planned project goals, strategic plans for further development, within budget, by evaluating the current competition, developing new markets, using past trends and current future promotions.
  • Directed 19% overall annual growth of client relationships, expanding contract and new services that can be offered (Social media management, SEO, Website speed optimization).
  • Introduced the loyalty program for clients, leading to 7% increase of annual revenue in the competitive market of Web Development.

List of the skills that I used in this project:

  1. Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating potential risks to project success.
  2. Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK): Applying industry-standard project management principles.
  3. Program and Project Management: Successfully managing and overseeing multiple projects.
  4. Estimation and Planning: Creating accurate project timelines and resource allocation.
  5. Scope Management: Ensuring project scope aligns with client requirements and objectives.
  6. Atlassian Jira: Utilizing Jira for streamlined project management and issue tracking.
  7. Search Engine Marketing: Implementing strategies to optimize online visibility and drive targeted traffic.
  8. Search Engine Optimization: Enhancing website ranking and visibility through optimization techniques.
  9. Web Accessibility: Ensuring inclusive and user-friendly web experiences.
  10. Web Application Development: Developing robust web applications using relevant technologies.
  11. Web Content Management: Efficiently managing and publishing web content.
  12. Backbase Front-End Web Development: Leveraging Backbase for front-end web development.
  13. Digital Full Stack Development: Proficiently handling both front-end and back-end development tasks.
  14. Java Full Stack Development: Employing Java for full stack development projects.
  15. Web Servers: Configuring and managing web servers for hosting web applications.
  16. Web Technology: Utilizing various web technologies to build and enhance web solutions.
  17. Agile Backlog Management: Effectively managing and prioritizing project backlogs using Agile methodologies.
  18. LeSS (Large Scale Scrum): Implementing the LeSS framework for large-scale project management.
  19. Scrum: Applying Scrum methodologies for efficient project delivery.
  20. Lean UX: Incorporating Lean UX principles to optimize user experience design and development.

These skills showcase your expertise in project management, web development, digital marketing, and user experience. They demonstrate your ability to effectively manage projects, implement industry best practices, and deliver high-quality web solutions.


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