Education Center

09/2014 – to date

  • Awarded the Certificate of Commendation by the Minister of Education for implementing innovative ICT projects in 1783 educational institutions.
  • Team control and management of the IT department to implement projects and support of IT infrastructure in 15 buildings. Recruitment and training of employees
  • Modernised and united the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Organised planning for the preparation and implementation of new ICT projects.
  • Methodologies used: Prince2, Kanban, Waterfall.
  • Project Planning: MS Project, JIRA, Trello, HIVE.


  • Coordinated evaluation, budgeting and selection of AUD$ 2M worth of new equipment for the “IT Polygon” city project.
  • Coordinated high profile innovative ICT projects “IT Polygon” and “PAK Education” with a total investment of AUD$ 4M.
  • First in CIS launched online video conferencing in educational institutions in 2014 using WebRTC (real-time communications) technology.
  • Collaborated in working groups on the implementation of innovative programs for the Department of Education.
  • Implemented end-to-end solutions CRM, ERP and Help Desk for education organisations.


Engaged in the adoption of new IT technologies. Administration of 3 web servers (Windows Server and Linux). Configured and networked over 150 PCs. Implemented a distance learning system and 3 Internet portals.

List of the skills that I used in this project:

  1. Demonstrated expertise in risk management, effectively identifying and mitigating project risks.
  2. Applied Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) principles to ensure successful project execution.
  3. Proficient in program and project management, overseeing multiple initiatives and ensuring their timely completion.
  4. Skilled in estimation and planning, creating accurate project timelines and resource allocation.
  5. Effectively managed project scope, ensuring objectives were met within defined boundaries.
  6. Possessed knowledge and experience in the education sector, specifically in K-12 and higher education administration.
  7. Demonstrated proficiency in nonprofit education, aligning projects with the goals and mission of nonprofit organizations.
  8. Proficient in PHP programming language, enabling the development and customization of IT solutions.
  9. Applied stakeholder management strategies, ensuring effective communication and collaboration with relevant parties.
  10. Utilized Microsoft Office suite for various project-related tasks and documentation.
  11. Experienced in deployment management, overseeing the successful implementation of IT solutions.
  12. Knowledgeable in DevOps practices, facilitating efficient collaboration between development and operations teams.
  13. Proficient in information technology (IT) risk management, ensuring the security and integrity of IT systems.
  14. Applied strategic information technology strategies to align projects with organizational goals.
  15. Demonstrated leadership strategies, effectively guiding teams and driving project success.
  16. Utilized Microsoft Project for comprehensive project planning and tracking.
  17. Knowledgeable in ACPS Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) principles, ensuring efficient management of product lifecycles.
  18. Familiarity with Project Management Office (PMO) business services, supporting effective project management practices.
  19. Possessed strong analytical and problem-solving skills, contributing to effective decision-making.
  20. Demonstrated effective communication and interpersonal skills, facilitating collaboration and teamwork.

These skills highlight your expertise in risk management, project management methodologies, education sector knowledge, programming, stakeholder management, and various project-related tools. They position you well for roles in project management, education technology, IT risk management, and leadership positions in the education or IT industry.