Writing and Editing: Revising

Writing and Editing: Revising Certificate

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – Writing and Editing: Revising


  • Learn how to become a better reader of your own writing

  • Apply the E-D-I-T framework

  • Identify uselessly accurate information

  • Create multiple ways to communicate the same data


About this course

This fourth and final course in the “Good With Words: Writing and Editing” series will guide you through what is arguably the most important step in the writing process: editing. You will learn the difference between editing and proofreading. You will practice “dividing numbers” so that the data and statistics you use are clear and convincing. And you’ll become familiar with a structure for giving and receiving feedback that helps organize what should be cut and what should be retained in each draft.

As with the other three courses in this series, you will also have access to a wide range of books and other resources that you can use even after completing the course. This includes:

  • (1) readings and exercises provided to students who have taken the full-time version of this course at the University of Michigan and Chicago;
  • (2) two electronic libraries of excellent letters from a variety of journalists, scholars, writers, poets, historians, and business people;
  • (3) Monthly email of good deals.

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