Basic System Programming on IBM Z

Basic System Programming on IBM ZCertificate

IBM – Basic System Programming on IBM Z

About this Course

The foundational knowledge for the position of an IBM z/OS System Programmer and System Administrator begins with this third and final course in the three course professional certificate track. This course provides hands-on labs to everyday z/OS tasks with JCL, JES, ISHELL and HFS, and z/OSMF. Topics covered include VSAM, z/OS System Libraries, the Language Environment, Generation Data Groups, RAIM, DB2, UNIX System Services, and USS File System.


  • Explain how to submit and view JCL output

  • Describe the use of applications such as CICS, IMS, and DB2 on z/OS

  • Summarize the application services provided in UNIX

  • Describe the purpose, benefits, and functions provided by z/OSMF


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