“Lean Production within the concept of Industry 4.0” Magazine

Lean Production within the concept of Industry 4.0” Kisov Boris
Magazine “. Chief Engineer
magazine. Industrial Production Management”. July 2020

The Industrial Revolution achieves operational excellence goals, but they use different types of tools to achieve them.

My publication “LEAN Production within the concept of INDUSTRY 4.0” for the ruproduction and technical journal “Chief Engineer. Industrial production management” has been published.

Lean Manufacturing is an organization management concept designed to minimize various costs and maximize customer focus.
Lean manufacturing has been recognized for a relatively long time and is widely used in the industry. The concept is based on the strict integration of people into the production process, its constant improvement, and emphasis on activities to add added value to the product by reducing any losses. Recently, however, a new paradigm has emerged in the
manufacturing sector associated with a phenomenon called Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution.
This allows the creation of intelligent manufacturing, i.e. an intelligent network of information and communication technology (ICT) machines, products, components, properties, and systems throughout the value chain.

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